High School Teachers

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Mrs. Selma Grantham was born in Azva, Dominican Republic where her parents were missionaries for 31 years. She has worked at TBCA for 29 years. She has been teaching for a total of 33 years. Mrs. Grantham graduated from Bob Jones University with a BA in Spanish and Psychology. She also attended Columbia Bible College. She enjoys reading, walking on the beach and having long conversations with her children. She dislikes being late, being lazy, liver and sushi. Her favorite Scripture Verse is Philippians 4:6-7. An interesting fact about Mrs. Grantham is that she comes from a family where there were 5 generations of teachers on her mother's side.

Mrs. Grantham's personal testimony in her own words is below:

"I had been raised in a Christian home of missionary parents but never had truly accepted Christ. I realized in college that I did not have a personal relationship to Christ. God spoke very directly to me about needing to pray a salvation prayer. Thank God for friends who kept on me to take that step. Eventually I did come to the Lord and it felt like a huge burden had fallen off my back!"

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