Lower School

Summary of Our Program:

Bible at Tampa Bay Christian Academy includes daily Bible lessons, Biblical integration into every subject, character development, mission emphasis, and ministry opportunities. Specific events throughout the year include weekly chapels, guest speakers, CBM- a Bible memory program, and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Language Arts:
Reading is fast paced and challenging as the students use the 2008 Imagine It, the brand new reading/language arts curriculum by Open Court/SRA.  It provides a balance between phonological awareness and whole language activities that include thematic units, brainstorming and acting out, and explore a variety of material across the curriculum. As students move into the upper elementary, the emphasis shifts from learning to read to reading to learn. The amount of reading comprehension activities and research opportunities increases at this level. In addition to reading, Language Arts includes the teaching of writing, spelling, phonics, language and handwriting using various approaches to meet all learning needs. Specific activities throughout the year include the Book-It reading program, journal writing, Young Author's Day, Spelling Bees at the class and regional levels and the TIPS program.

The math program at Tampa Bay Christian Academy includes thorough coverage of all aspects of math from the basics- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to the more complicated- fractions, geometry, measurement and money. Advanced math classes are offered in 4th -12th grades, allowing students to move up according to their ability.  We recently adopted Harcourt Math and are using the Florida Edition so that our students are sure to cover all of the materials that are tested in the public school system.

Social Studies:
Social studies begins with an awareness of oneself, family, and develop a sense of neighborhood, communities, and regions. Fourth grade focuses on the state of Florida and fifth grade covers the history of the United States. Special events through out the year include Florida History Week, Black History and Multi-cultural Heritage Week, and mock elections during election years. Related field trips include Cracker Country, Heritage Park, PAC, and Great Explorations.

The elementary school adopted a Christian science curriculum that is published by Purposeful Design through the Association of Christian Schools International. Throughout the elementary years, students are introduced to the basics of life, earth/space, physical and chemical science. Students learn through the scientific method, experiments, hands on activities and projects, and special events such as the Science Fair and God’s World Day. Science field trips include Lowry Park Zoo, MOSI, The Florida Aquarium and a visit to the farm.

Elementary music instruction includes songs, voice, instruments and theory. Students in grades k-5 can participate in the Chorus. Musical talent is showcased through special chapels, programs, music festivals, and trips to local retirement centers. Students also participate in an annual choir trip where they travel and sing in various Florida cities.

Elementary students visit the school media center on a weekly basis. Students are taught how to use the library, have the opportunity to check out books and are assisted with research for information using a variety of resources including encyclopedias, almanacs, specific subject references and the Internet.

Physical Education:
Students in grades Kindergarten-5, have P.E. with the coaches every day. Students are taught skills for a variety of sports as well as exercise habits for a lifetime of fitness. Fifth grade students that master the required level of fitness skills are awarded the Presidential Fitness Award.

Elementary students have the opportunity to explore a variety of media, textures, and color in different art activities throughout the year. Two highlights in art are when a professional illustrator comes for some art lessons, as well as an art gallery created by students during our Fine Arts Festival in the spring.

Tampa Bay Christian Academy students are introduced to basic computer terms and skills. Basic keyboarding is taught beginning in 3rd grade. The lab has a variety of educational software that reinforces the learning activities of the classroom and students are encouraged to visit the web sites and activities that supplement our language arts and math curriculum. 

Piano Lessons:
Piano lessons are available throughout the school day on an individually contracted basis.

Karate is offered after school hours one day per week

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