Office Staff


Mrs. Ana Lopez was born in New York. She is the school's admission coordinator. She has been working at TBCA for 7 years. She graduated from the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico. She has a BA in Business Administration. Mrs. Lopez likes to read and hear worship music. She dislikes loud music. Her favorite Scripture Verse is Jeremiah 33:3. She loves to pray about every situation and has always seen God's response.

Mrs. Lopez's personal testimony in her own words is below:

"I came to know the Lord by my sister, Wanda Lopez. She lived here in Tampa and I was living in Puerto Rico. We were talking on the phone and she presented to me the Salvation Plan and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. But it wasn't until I got to Tampa and was living here that I started to attend a Christian Church. Today I still go to the same church and I am an active member and leader in Ministries."

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