Office Staff


Mrs. Sherwood attended Tampa Baptist Academy (now TBCA) from 1979- 1988. She taught at TBCA, instucting every age from bed babies to seniors. In addition, she served as the TBA/TBCA Director of Athletics, Director of Development and Director of Operations and Administration. While on staff with TBCA, she worked closely with Step Up For Students, testifying before the state Senate, House of Representatives and their committees to insure the future of the SUFS scholarship program. In her time away from TBCA, Mrs. Sherwood was the Manager of Education for Busch Gardens, where she worked with the National Science Teachers Association, the National Parent Teachers Association, the National FFA organization, the Florida Association of Science Teachers, the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Parent Teacher Association and the national Student and Youth Travel Association. She earned her Masters and Bachelors from the University of Florida. Mrs. Sherwood is married to Ron and is the mother of two daughters, Isabella and Mackenzie and a newborn son, Royce.

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