Dr. Sewell


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Dr. Bruce Sewell was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He has been teaching for 25 years. Dr. Sewell has worked at TBCA for 8 years (6 years as a substitute and 2 years full time). He graduated from the University of Maryland, Luther Rice Seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has three degrees a B.S, Th.M, and a D.Min.  His major/minor(s) include: Engineering, Theology, Bible Exposition and Missions. Dr. Sewell enjoys spending time with grandchildren, swimming, fishing and sport games. Dr. Sewell's favorite Scripture verses are Philippians 1:9-11 and Galatians 2:20. An interesting fact about Dr. Sewell is that he was part of the engineering team that constructed the crosstown freeway.

Dr. Sewell's personal testimony is below in his own words:

"Beginning in high school, I began asking questions about Jesus Christ. I really wanted to believe in Him if He was real. I started reading articles and papers about Christ. I began reading the Bible a little.

In college, one of my church friends said he no longer believed in Jesus Christ. This bothered me, but I continued to want to know Jesus. One day in my junior year at college, I said to God, "if your Son, Jesus Christ really is real, and really died and rose for me, please show me, because I want to believe in Him." God sent two members of the Christian group- "The Navigators" to my dorm room. They answered my questions, gave me more to read about Christ, and shared their personal testimonies. I continued searching for Christ.

Two years later while in the Air Force, I realized I wasn't ready to die. My relationship with God wasn't sure for me. The Christian testimonies of two servicemen who survived attacks in Vietnam, but were confident they were going to heaven for having trusted Christ, impacted me greatly. A few months later at a Campus Crusade for Christ rally, I prayed to Jesus to accept Him as my Savior. God then led me to serve Him."

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