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Meet our Faculty & Staff

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Our staff consists of experienced and well qualified professionals who hold current state certification and ACSI certification. All teachers have answered a call to work here, are very dedicated and are mature Christians. Many of our teachers have advanced degrees. We are honored to have four teachers who are graduates of the Academy.



The Academy is comprised of three departments led by a pre-school director, elementary school principal and secondary principal. The Director of Operations Administrator, Registrar, Financial Officer, Receptionist, Atheltic Director, and Facility and Safety Director complete the administration. The Headmaster is Natasha Sherwood. This is her first year as headmaster at Tampa Bay Christian Academy and is in her 8th year on our staff. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts from the University of Florida. As Administrator, Mrs. Sherwood oversees the school both educationally and administratively keeping the board of directors abreast of the Academy's finances, enrollment, personnel, curriculum, and accreditation.

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