Elementary Teachers


 Ms. Alyssa Moore was born in New Jersey. She has been teaching for one year at TBCA. She is majoring in Education at HCC, which is still in progress. She enjoys experiencing new cultures, traveling, helping others, and discovering new places. She dislikes disorganization and scary movies. Ms. Moore's favorite Scripture Verse is Jeremiah 5:22. An interesting fact about Ms. Moore is that she has traveled to several different countries for missions trips and would eventually like to teach in many foreign countries. 

Ms. Moore's testimony is below in her own words:

"I came to know the Lord when I was 13. My family had just moved to a different church that was geared more towards youth ministry, and my first Sunday at church I was invited out after with the youth group to a TobyMac & Kirk Franklin concert. During our adventure the youth pastor and youth group accepted me in like I was a part of their family. Later that night, I accepted the Lord in my heart and Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior."

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