Mrs. Maria Ortiz was born in Puerto Rico. She has been working at TBCA for 5 years and has been teaching for over 15 years. She graduated from the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico. She has a B.A. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Criminology (Paralegal). She enjoys running and working out. Mrs. Ortiz dislikes the mistreatment of kids. Her favorite Scripture Verse is Jude 21: Keep yourselves in the love of God looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto enternal life. An interesting fact about Mrs. Ortiz was that she studied to be a Paralegal and was always around legal books and law-related literature. She started doing volunteer work with migrant children in Lancaster, PA, The more involved she got with the children, the more she enjoyed it, and she understood that her true vocation was in the area of education. Since then she has dedicated her life to teaching and devoted herself to her new career as a child educator.


Mrs. Ortiz's personal testimony is below in her own words:

"My whole family has a solid foundation of Christianity...from childhood we visited the church regularly where I learned values: respect for others, to love my neighbors, respect the sacred Scriptures, and follow and be an example of what the Bible teaches us."

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